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Nadia Schmidt - Painting

Nadia Schmidt (born 1964 in Berlin) handles like a virtuoso the artistic means to create from the play of light on twigs and branches , the crannied surface of trunks or the dense undergrowth of the forest floor an aesthetic event vibrating of vitality.

With the artistic interpretation the categories of any illusionistic presentation of nature step in the background and make room to deal with what is seen emotionally, which may extend to a surreal distortion. Contrary to an analytical inventory, phenomena are isolated in fragments which combine to new mutations.

The herbal/ vegetal « All Over » illustrates less nature, but expresses the growing rampant energy of complex mental states.  Such psychologically charged, the view of the woods inside becomes a dismaying encounter with the irrational forces of human frame of mind.

By the hyperrealistic kind of painting well-known forms change into spectacular organisms which claim an irritating presence.  

Beside movement of lines it is light that is the essential catalyst leading to the impression of iridescent vitality.

It almost reminds of the Impressionists « Lightpaintings », when the drawing differentiates itself at the same time thus really three-dimensional against the background.

Graphical handwriting and richness of detail act like diverging ramifications seemingly feeler and reveal a strong relation to the landscape painting of the romanticism.

The just recently in art rekindled influence of painters as Caspar David Friedrich is unmistakable.

In Nadia Schmidt’s large formats an echo of the romantic natural mysticism swings. Paired with the shimmering light of the South her paintings find to this immense intensity.

She could build up on her lifelong experience with drawing, her concentration when observing, her close look as well as her ability to delve into subjects without any reservation.

Painting and the inclusion of colour have opened new horizons to her.

With that she has been able to connect her fascination for surface textures and haptic qualities with drawing. And moreover her always distinctive interest in the conversion strength of light can now be expressed in new ways.

The paintings originate after really seen and visited places which go through a transformation, however, by using colour and artistic techniques. It is a purification and subjective adoption of the chaotic, messy natural wildness with the most suitable means at this moment for the artist.  

Nadia Schmidt, who lives in Claviers, displayed an unbelievable development and productiveness during these last years.

The seriousness and urgency of this new painting experience is reflected in every single work from this short period.

Sabine Elsa Müller

Art Historique ( Cologne )

Translated from german.